The Little Things

That Make Us Who We Are

A Little About Us

 Jamaica’s Best Events, ticketing system comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms. We also have a cross-platform Chrome Desktop app perfect for checking in attendees on larger events or events without Internet coverage. So you can now finally host your event on the Moon or in a desert and still be able to check-in the tickets.



Easy to use

Wish your visitors a warm welcome or point them to the right direction the moment they check in. This function makes it easy to send emails to guests straight away after the check-in to ensure that your event goes smoothly.



Customize the EXPERIENCE

Target emails to your customers with bullseye precision! Have all the ticket purchase information at your disposal and make it work for you when targeting your customers.

What We Do

A Showcase of the Best Events in Jamaica

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Allow your customers to purchase any number of tickets for more than one event at once!


Get the best prices on this years events with the use of an unlimited number of discount codes available for all or just a certain ticket type.


Barcode readers may improve the whole check-in process, decrease the time of the check-in and make the door of your event less crowded.


Jamaica’s best gives you option to easily create and manage multiple events at once. Set event name, location, start date and you’re ready to go.

Custom Ticket

Stand out of the crowd! Built in fonts are boring and dull, right? With this function you will be able to easily import your own font and use it with ticket templates which opens a completely new chapter in designing your tickets.


Yes, we know that you have nothing to hide. However, there are cases when content on your website should be reserved only to certain people. And this is exactly where this plugin comes really handy.